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Oct 29, 2013


Sorry for the absence of exact eight months, really! I'll try to post with much more frequence.

Today, the state is the Commonwealth of Virginia, a case of more of the same i.e. a seal on a blue cloth:

[Current flag - Designer unknown, seal by George Wythe and others]

My first idea is a flag in red and blue with a white chevron, resembling the "V" of Virginia:

[Proposed flag - My design]

This flag is effective, but something that bother me is the similarity with the flag of NAVA (North America Vexillological Association). So I adapted it a little, to obtain the following result:

[Proposed flag - My design]

The "V" letter was rotated to make room to the addition of a Phrygian cap, an anti-monarchist and republican symbol, what's a reference to the obverse of the seal (present on current flag) and even appears on the reverse.

My only fear is that the reference isn't as obvious as I suppose. What's your opinion about it?

Comments are welcome!