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Jan 5, 2013

Michigan and Minnesota

Some good initiatives started in internet, two of them I cited in Utah and Vermont pages. Today I'll show other two I like too much, one for Minnesota and one for Michigan. First, let's see Minnesota current flag:

[Current flag]
Well, I think it's one of worst American state flags. You can't understand everything's going on at first sight, and it's virtually impossible of being hand-drawn. And, if you tried, how many colors would you use? Seriously, only count the colors is difficult. Fortunately, there's a group of people called "North Star Flag" that are gaining some success:

[Proposed flag - Design by Rev. William Becker and Lee Herold]
Now you can draw and count the colors easily, can't you? See more about the design at . The symbolism is the following: blue for sky, white for winter, green for land, the start represents the "North Star" (state motto since statehood). Know more here. Curiously, it's very similar to one flag to a flag gained a newspaper-sponsored poll in 2001.

After that, there's Michigan. See current flag:

[Current flag]
The elk and the moose are sympathetic animals, but a flag isn't a good place for them. Only a standard generic flag: a coat of arms or seal in a blue background. Christopher Zervic came with a better design:

[Proposed flag - Design by Christopher Zervic]
Excellent flag, with simple and strong symbolism: the green part with two stars represents the two peninsulas that constitute the state; the five horizontal stripes represent the five Great Lakes (only four of them border Michigan, but whatever). You can see, in my other blog, a design I made mixing this and another proposal to Michigan flag:

[My proposed flag]
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