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Dec 30, 2012

New Jersey

I wouldn't post my New Jersey flag proposal now because I think it’s not completely done, but I'll post it as a way to propagate the Vexillology Wiki, an initiative I take part with the objective of collect the biggest number of flags proposals to the US states. If you want to share your own flag, mail to

Firstly, let’s see the current New Jersey flag:

[Current flag]
It hasn't a blue background, but a buff-color instead. With this exception, it has the same problems of a great part of USA state flags: intricate coat of arms, writings, some generic symbolism (Phrygian cap, cornucopia, Greek goddesses). If you look the previous sentence, you’ll notice coats of arms aren't a great problem; it's their complexity. My first stylization of the flag was a little strange (see Peter Orenski's design for inspiration):

[My proposed flag]
Next to it, I noticed NJ coat of arms's shield isn't a bad one (an obvious reference to state agriculture), it only needs to be simplified:

[My proposed flag]
It’s not bad for me, although the color palette isn't my favorite, but if you think it's too boring, there's a new one, with a reference to Jersey flag (from where the state takes its name).

[My proposed flag]
Comments are welcome.

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