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Feb 28, 2013

New York

New York is a standard American state flag, what means it's below the average:

[Current flag]
The NY state flag had a buff background, what made it almost identical to its neighbor New Jersey. So, in 1901, the background color was changed to blue, and then it became identical to all the others! Yeah, it wasn't a good idea, if you look in retrospect...

But I think New York don't need a downgrade, but a upgrade, and a really thought one to don't regret anymore. For all the NY flag proposals I ever saw, my favorite was made by Jack Expo:

[Proposed flag - Design by Jack Expo]
The colors orange, white and blue came from the Dutch national colors, representing the Dutch heritage, on the time New York region was still name New Netherlands and New York city was still the New Amsterdam. The same Dutch heritage is honored in the current flags of New York City and Albany. The general layout of the flag (specially the blue part) represents the Erie Canal crossing the state. The Erie Canal is one of the few NY symbols that divides and unites the whole state.

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