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Nov 18, 2012

Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico

Not all US state flags are bad, but surely not all are good. Now you can see some flags I kept with none or small change.

[Current flag - Design by Benny Benson]
This flag is unique in USA. Many state flags have a blue field, but the golden constellation makes the Alaskan flag distinguishable even at big distance. It's simple and easy to be drawn or sewn.

[Current flag - Design by Colonel Charles W. Harris and others]
Can you remember any other state flag that resembles this one of Arizona? No? Neither do I. And it's a simple and eye-catching design. The copper color is slightly light than my source, making it more distinguishable from red.

[Current flag - Design by Harry Mera]
According to NAVA poll, the New Mexico is considered the best flag in North America. I can't see any design defect on it. The Zia symbol is involved in a small polemic, because it's considered holy by some Native people. I hope it to be solved peacefully, but, in other case, I think any stylized sun symbol could be used without big loss.

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  1. I read a suggestion once that even the New Mexico flag might be improved by a Canadian pale of red bars at hoist and fly, which would give it more distinctiveness in the wind and further the parallel with the Spanish fess. (New Mexico's old hispanophone community has a particularly strong "Spanish" identity.)

    1. It could be a really good possibility if New Mexico flag wasn't still adopted, but I see a future change as unnecessary and maybe bad-received. There's a Brazilian proverbs that says "it couldn't make a change in a team that's winning". Moreover, there aren't so many plain yellow flags in use, are there?