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Nov 18, 2012

Georgia and Mississippi

The Southern people have the loving for the Confederate flags, because it represents perfectly the Southern heritage. But the Northern people often see them as racists symbols (by the historic relationship between Confederacy and slavery). Let's try to make nobody unhappy!

Firstly, see the current Georgia flag:

[Current flag]
It's basically the Confederate "first national flag" with Georgia state seal on center. It's not good, but a lot better than horrible previous flag. First problem: it contains a Confederate flag, although this one doesn't carry the same hatred. Second problem: The seal is too complicated to be placed in a flag, and almost impossible of being sewn. My proposal is the flag Georgia used between 1879 and 1902, that remembers the current flag at all.

[Historic flag (1879-1902)]
A lot better, isn't it? Now, I'll try to fix the next flag with a Confederate flag: Mississippi.

[Current flag]
The Confederate battle flag is a different case: their connotations in some parts of US aren't the better, and some people feel seriously offended by it. Moreover, the white fimbriation between the canton and the stripes shows that something is going wrong.

Luckily, I won't need to create a new flag: there's a good unofficial flag, dating from 2000 (little before 2001 Mississippi flag referendum):

[Historic proposed flag]
It doesn't seems Confederate at first sight, but it represents the Southern heritage. It doesn't fit the US national flag (red stripes, blue canton), but it's also represented.

Comments are welcome!


  1. Brooklynite12/4/12, 6:28 PM

    I think your Georgia flag may be a bit too generic; pure geometry may work for a national flag, but something local in my opinion needs a bit more "local color".

    I would suggest including the state's primary colloquial symbol, the "Georgia peach". The site has a nice semi-official peach rendition, though you'll probably want to change the charge's color to all-gold and place it in the canton.

  2. I was thinking something less cartoonish, and more iconic, taking advantage of the peach's unique shape (excuse my lack of drawing skill!):

  3. I think a better version of the GA flag would be to make the arch less busy (remove the words and even the soldier - works great for UGA), perhaps make it white, and remove the words.