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Nov 20, 2012

California, Indiana, South Dakota and Wyoming

Now it's time to some simplifications: good ideas that became ill by complexity of under-editing.

[Current flag]
This flag is based on California Republic 1st flag (a worst concept), on the other hand based on California Lone Star flag (very good, but maybe too generic). The current design is a good flag, the only problems are the writings and the excess of "fur". My proposal is this:

[My proposal flag]
The star and the bear are bigger, and maybe it's even better in clothing and pop art, where California flag is commonly seen.

The next is Indiana:

[Current flag - Original design by Paul Hadley]
Although having a dark blue background, as many state flags, its design make it still distinguishable. The big problem on it is the writing; it's easy to solve: just adopt the original Paul Hadley's design, without the word.

[Historic proposed flag - Design by Paul Hadley]

OK, so let's come to the next: South Dakota.

[Current flag]
The flag has many bad points: the state seal, the state name (if counts with the same, it's been written twice) and, even worse, a slogan. At least, it still resembles the better flag used between 1909 and 1992. But it still need to be simplified.

[My proposed flag]
I also increased sun size and changed the colors to better contrast. I must note that there's an official flag proposal, but I think it's good but inexpressive.

The last flag of the post is Wyoming:

[Current flag - Design by Verna Keays and Grace Raymond Hebard]
The design is distinguishable, I'll only remove the seal and increase the size of the bison.

[Proposed flag - Common design]
With this, we end the post.

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Note: the bear silhouette was kept in Deposit Photos. It's currently copyrighted.


  1. Your design for the Indiana flag is the original design by Paul Hadley from 1916. The General Assembly added the word Indiana above the large star when it was officially adopted. I agree the name should be dropped for one less "littered with letters" design as we Hoosiers should know our state flag without it being labeled...

  2. Here's a blog we wrote on the California state flag as well, thought you might be interested! Let us know what you think