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Nov 23, 2012

Maine and Vermont

In the case of Vermont and Maine, I came with two similar flags, so I had to decide which of the flags should have the design.

[Current flag]
The Maine flag is considered one of worst state flags in USA: it as a complex coat of arms, many writing and its blue field make it practically identical to many other state flags. I think a good flag could be the one used between 1901 and 1909.

[My proposed flag, based in historic flag]
The flag above is very similar to actual historic flag, but I moved the star to the right, representing Maine localization in the east of country. This flag is very good, but I know a better proposal, made by Jack Expo. Look at it:

[Proposed flag - Design by Jack Expo]
I think that by now the flag is alright. There's also the Maine naval ensign, but I'll explain in a next post the reason I won't choose it. So I come to next state, Vermont.

[Current flag]
The Vermont flag is very similar to Maine flag. Have you ever noticed this? Therefore Vermont flag is bad, too. And the proposed flags to Vermont are often similar to my favorite Maine flag. Many of them are based on the proposal by (this isn't their actual URL). I made some small changes to their flag:

[My proposed flag, based on design by]
But I see a big issue on it: it's very similar to the Maine flag. But there's always the flag of Green Mountain Boys, isn't there? The stars arrangement varies, but I use the one adopted by the movement Second Vermont Republic.

[Historic flag]
I think I'll keep with it, but, just for curiosity, look at one of my own designs, that could do a good government flag.

[My proposed flag]
This one has elements of two previous flags, and the white disc make it a good option even with the blue background.

What's your opinion about these flags? What should be Maine and Vermont flags? Your comment is very appreciated.

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  1. I think it's really great. 13 stars for the colonies? But Vermont was the 14th star on the flag. I like the roots and the canopy aspect of it maybe the tree symbolizes Vermont.