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Dec 23, 2012


Delaware was the first state in the federation. Some day I read somewhere wondering why the thirteen colonies, full of history, have some of worst flags. I would consider Maryland, South Carolina and maybe Rhode Island as exceptions. But, as blog subtitle says, "a good flag is not a privilege".

Let's look at current Delaware flag:

[Current flag]
Of course, this buff-color lozenge makes this flag reasonably dissimilar of others in USA, but this coat of arms and the letters don't make it simple, for sure.

My flag proposal is based on a post by Jack Expo, where he pays attention in a very curious fact about Delaware: it was the only colony founded by the Swedes. With that in mind, I come with this design:

[My flag proposal]
The lozenge was extended and used to frame a centered flag of Sweden flag. The background was changed to buff-color, because two shades of blue should be avoided. This blue and yellow shades are (intended to be) the same of Swedish flag, but the blue could be returned to the colors of George Washington's uniform, whatever historians say it was.

Starting from a very similar design, Jack Expo came with its own design. I highly recommends you to confer his proposal (click here to be redirected).

Comments are welcome!


  1. Very unique flag there. I like it.


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