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Dec 1, 2012

Alabama and Florida

Alabama and Florida are very similar: both contains a red saltire (St. Andrew's cross). Today I'll try to distinguish them but keep them simple.

Let's start with Alabama flag:

[Current flag]
The biggest sin in Alabama flag is, paradoxically, its simplicity: it's almost identical to St. Patrick's flag and maybe a dozen of other flags in the world.

The origin of Alabama flag is disputed. Some researchers says it resembles Confederate battle flag, but it possibly has the same origins of Florida flag: the Cross of Burgundy flag, a flag Spain used in colonial times. If the saltire came from Spanish heritage, my design adds blue to represent the French, British and American colors. It's here:

[My proposed flag]
The red tone make it a bit more contrasting. Now I'll come to Florida:

[Current flag]
Although it's distinguishable inside USA, the complicated seal doesn't make it a good design. My first design use the proper Cross of Burgundy, because "Latino" heritage is big in Florida, and a sun, representing the tropical wealth of the state.

[My proposed flag]
I liked this design, but after that I came with an improved design:

[My proposed flag]
Now the orange disc represents both the sun and the rich citrus culture of the state. And it someway resembles the state seal.

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