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Dec 18, 2012

Montana and Utah

Let's start showing the current Utah flag:

[Current flag]
Apparently, before 2011, the version used a blue shield with white letters, but historians concluded the opposed is the correct. Another state with a flag consisting in a blue field with a seal in the middle. No more comments!

Utah is a state with deep roots in Mormonism. My idea of flag to the state is based on Deseret flag. Unfortunately, this flag is copyrighted by somebody named John T. Wardle. Poor man, nobody told him he can't copyright a historical flag nor a religious symbol. If you want to know how it looks, go to But, for my fortune, there's a better variant flag, considered the historically correct one (if you believe my source), but apparently non-copyrighted. I'm smart too, Mr. Wardle!

[Historical flag]
The difference between this flag and Mr. Wardle's one is the blue canton with white stars instead of a white canton with blue stars, and the use of thirteen stripes (just like US national flag) instead of twelve stripes, that look worse and has only religious symbolism: twelve Tribes of Israel, twelve apostles, etc.

If civil people protest against using a flag so religion-loaded, I'd suggest the use of beehive (another Mormons symbol, but used in current flag). The following design is, actually, Jack Expo's idea. I only changed the number of stars to thirteen:

[My proposed flag, based on design by Jack Expo]
Just for comparison, look at NAVA (Northern American Vexillological Association) 2002 contest finalists. The most popular of them is the following, that represents state snow-capped mountains and, upside-down, the state seagulls (but who looks at the flag upside-down?).

[Proposed flag - Design by Dustin Eachtel]
I won't use it to Utah because I just chose my favorite, but it inspired me ideas to my Montana flag. But I present the current Montana flag before:

[Current flag]
Montana flag is still worse than Utah flag, in my opinion. Too many complicated details!

For my design, I used the colors of this proposed flag, that's too monochromatic, for me. Fusing this flag with the Eachel's proposal to Utah flag, I came with this design to Montana flag:

[My proposed flag]
Did it took a strange origin? You decides!

Comments are welcome!


  1. I like the Utah flag, and Montana although I would put a star in the hoist but thats just me.